Company profile

Company GI Enterprise Ltd. was established in 2007 and specializes in technical support (facility services & technical maintenance) of buildings and facilities construction works, construction and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing and electrical installations. The rich experience enables us to offer our customers solutions and services tailored to their specific needs. Our policy is to provide comprehensive technical, engineering and construction services for a reasonable price throughout the country. We cover the whole territory of Bulgaria.

 GI Enterprise Ltd. develops and owns the brand "Your home appliances", specializing in repairs to private clients.

We incorporate a control system implemented ISO 9001 quality and service partner have developed their own:

  • Procedure for receiving an emergency call
  • Procedure for making monthly prevention / inspection - check lists for all components of the installations and buildings
  • Procedures for maintenance of records and document
  • Specific technical procedures for carrying out the flaw repaired and various units and components of facilities

We have trained and certified technicians with dalgodishen experience in tech ic support.

 We have developed its own specialized on-line software GIE - HELP DESK for receiving, processing and tracking of requests for repairs, tracking the status of the sites, the buildings, installations and machinery, as well as introducing Maintenance plan for buildings and facilities, which liable.


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