Construction and maintenance of control systems of access

Today, systems for access control are widely applicable and necessary in residential, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, public transport, lifts and much more. Depending on the needs and specificities of the controlled object, we offer our customers flexible and innovative solutions.

Stand-alone controllers and readers do not depend on communication with the computer and this is their main advantage. They are applicable mainly for residential buildings and small hotels where necessary contactless unlock doors, garages and so on. Unlocking can be done with the card chip, code entry, dialing a number from a cell phone .

Network access controllers and time required specialized software and they can build a network of 200-250 controllers. They support a very large number of users (20000-30000) and keep a huge amount of recorded history (20,000 records). They are suitable for large buildings and sites.


[Сервиз на инструменти и климатична техника за ЕвроМастер Импорт Експорт ООД]

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[Поддръжка на ОВК инсталацията на р-т Хепи, Парадайс Мол, гр.София]

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[Термопомпа най-ефективната технология за отопление.]

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