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Innovation for the Bulgarian market - DEKO DI MARMO is a decorative flooring made of natural marble pebbles, bonded with UV-resistant epoxy resin. The coating has marked aesthetic, draining, anti-slip and sound-absorbing features.
The composition and appearance of the coating makes it particularly suitable for the construction of:
- alleys and bicycles
- pavements
- areas around fountains and pools
- Approaches to garages and parking areas
- SPA centers
- showrooms and showrooms
- shops and offices
- foyers, entrances, etc.

Customers have a choice of 14 colors to combine to achieve a variety of aesthetic solutions. The resin that is used reinforces the natural color of the marble particles and gives them a consistent glossy (wet) effect.

According to the customer's needs, DEKO DI MARMO flooring can be open or closed. With the open structure, besides the aesthetic and anti-slip function, the drainage capability of the pavement is also leading. The closed structure is obtained by adding an additional amount of transparent resin, which gives the waterproofing of the pavement (prevents the passage of liquids).


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