Air conditioning disinfection

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Due to the complicated situation, namely the COVID 19 epidemic, GI Enterprises has purchased a large number of professional disinfection products. The state of emergency now calls for a new type of service - AIR CONDITIONING. It is proven that most viruses and microorganisms enter our home or office right through the air conditioner. Therefore, regular disinfection is essential. The preparations we use are certified, of high quality and do not harm humans and the environment. Extremely high quality kill fungi, bacteria and microorganisms. The environment becomes fresh, clean and healthy. WE CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH!


[Сервиз на инструменти и климатична техника за ЕвроМастер Импорт Експорт ООД]

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[Поддръжка на ОВК инсталацията на р-т Хепи, Парадайс Мол, гр.София]

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[Термопомпа най-ефективната технология за отопление.]

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