Mobile refrigerators type "Container"

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GI Enterprise performs production, delivery and installation of mobile refrigerators type "Container", turnkey with refrigeration equipment included, electrical installation, ice lighting and silicone fringes for the door.

We produce both plus and minus cameras with sizes set by the client.

All chambers are equipped with one of the most compact, light and high quality Danfoss cooling units - Optyma Slym Pack. Units with an operating range of -20 to +15 degrees are perfect for cooling both to positive values ​​and those below zero. For customers and with more specific needs, the company also offers options with low-temperature units with operating ranges of -40 to -10 degrees.

The specific design developed by the company allows easy and convenient transportation and positioning of any type of terrain. Again, the unique design allows easy relocation of the refrigerator to a new location at the customer's request.

The price for a refrigerator with dimensions 6000/2400/2500 mm (36 m3) and operating parameters from 0 to 10 degrees is BGN 36,969 without VAT.

Equipment warranty - 2 years full warranty.

Post-warranty service on the territory of the whole Bulgaria.


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