Construction and maintenance of plumbing and piping

Water accidents are quite specific and entail problems and troubles of a different nature and generally degrade the comfort of life. That's why one of the most important conditions is to build a quality and well tailored plumbing. The recommendations in the EU it is life at least one hundred years by changing only the final elements - cranes, mixers and more. We at GI Enterprise strive to design and implement projects that respect the comfort and convenience of the building occupants. While for us it is crucial the quality and longevity of components and installation as a whole. One of the most important features of plumbing systems is material. Depending on the project, we have the used different tubes, each option has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • PPR polypropylene - used for home plumbing systems and do not affect the water quality.Polyethylene PE - used for external water, non-corrosive and do not allow deposits of limestone.
  • PVC pipes PVC - U - the used mostly for plumbing systems for potable water and small accidents and repairs.
  • PVC pipes PVC - used for waste and storm water.
  • Pipes with aluminum insert - used in particular in heating systems - local heating, solar collectors and the like.
  • Copper tubes - used for fluids with high pressure and temperature.
  • Galvanized pipes - used mostly to supply fire hydrants and systems.

Our team will consult and prepare a project that is fully consistent with your needs and requirements.


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