Facility management and management of buildings

Choosing GI Enterprise Ltd. as a strategic partner you:

  • You get guaranteed hassle-free and comfortable working process
  • Optimize and minimize maintenance costs
  • Extends the life of your buildings and facilities
  • Eliminate stress than to care and think of all ongoing processes in your company


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Construction and maintenance of HVAC systems and installations

GI Entarpras Ltd. specializes in the construction and maintenance of:

  • air-conditioning
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • solar systems
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Construction and maintenance of electrical installations

GI Enterprise Ltd. offers complete, integrated engineering and el- service:

  • design
  • delivery
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • service


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Construction and maintenance of plumbing and piping

In its portfolio of services GI Enterprise Ltd. offers:

  • complete construction and commissioning of plumbing
  • repair of plumbing
  • servicing emergency calls


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Construction and maintenance of installations and extinguishing systems

GI Enterprise Ltd builds and maintains several major anti-fire systems:

  • water fire extinguishing
  • extinguishing powder and foam
  • gas fire extinguishing


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Construction and maintenance of fire alarm systems

GI Enterprise designed, supplied, installed and maintained:

  • conventional detection systems
  • addressable fire alarm systems
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Construction and maintenance of control systems of access

GI Enterprise LTD maintains and builds systems for:

  • access control
  • CCTV
  • optical, FTP and all current installations
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Construction and maintenance of installations and CCTV systems

CCTV systems provide:

  • comprehensive control over the work and process
  • security and safety for the customer
  • security and safety of assets in your home
  • psychological effect
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Construction and repairs

With GI Enterprise you will get:

  • Quality 
  • Correctness 
  • Real time
  • Competitive prices
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Helpdesk and management of applications


  • easily manage and track your orders
  • planning and optimization of cost
  • access the system at any time from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
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Any type of engineering repairs

We at GI Enterprise Ltd. categories to perform many repairs:

  • repair and replacement of boilers
  • air conditioning repair
  • replacement and repair of locks and handles
  • Plumbing repairs
  • panels and electrical. Installations
  • installation of lighting
  • welding of metal components and products

and many more .....


For more information about your repair, please contact us.

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Professional cleaning

In professional cleaning GI Enterprise Ltd. serves its customers in several key areas:

  • building cleaning - internal and external
  • snow
  • maintenance of green areas
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Decorative flooring made of natural marble pebbles, bonded with UV-resistant epoxy resin. The coating has marked aesthetic, draining, anti-slip and sound-absorbing features.

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Air conditioning disinfection

We will take care of your health!

  • a healthy environment free of fungi and bacteria
  • effective protection against germs, pollen, mites, dust ....
  • cleaning, flavoring and increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner
  • reduce electricity consumption .....
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Mobile refrigerators type "Container"

GI Enterprise performs production, delivery and installation of mobile refrigerators type "Container", turnkey with refrigeration equipment included, electrical installation, ice lighting and silicone fringes for the door.

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Disinfection of buildings, offices and homes

Fast, efficient, professional disinfection of buildings and premises:

  • we will respond immediately or at your convenience

  • GI Enterprise will take care of your health and safety

  • free of viruses, fungi and bacteria

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[Сервиз на инструменти и климатична техника за ЕвроМастер Импорт Експорт ООД]

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[Поддръжка на ОВК инсталацията на р-т Хепи, Парадайс Мол, гр.София]

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[Термопомпа най-ефективната технология за отопление.]

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