Construction and maintenance of installations and extinguishing systems

Depending on the subject, which will build instlatsiyata and customer requirements, we provide drafting and installation of several systems:


Fire extinguishing with water mist is accomplished by producing a very large quantity of water droplets having a large circumference. Thus cooled air down to the room temperature and limiting the spread of fire. It reduces the concentration of oxygen in the air to a level that does not endanger human life. This type of fire is suitable for hotels, museums, hospitals, casinos, server rooms and other. The advantages are small size of the tank and minimum damage to property.


Fire fighting foam is used mainly when petroleum products and specific fires. In this type of plant the water is mixed with a foaming liquid. Together pass through Foam generator and as a result on the outbreak of fire is poured foam which is lightweight and remains on the surface, thereby interrupt the oxygen of the burning materialand the fire extinguished.


Fire fighting with gas is the use of CO2 or inert gases (primarily a mixture of nitrogen and argon). The principle is   to reduce the concentration of oxygen and controlling the fire. This type of equipment is mainly used in small enclosures used for servers, electrical equipment, diesel generators, museums, libraries and others. 

GI Enterprise Ltd applies the requirements of BS EN 12845: 2015 "Fixed firefighting systems. Automatic sprinkler systems. Design, installation and maintenance. " 

From us you get both high quality and reliability in the performance of installation and warranty certificates inputs (pipes, fittings, valves control signal (SSC), etc.) and technology. 

The implementation of our projects include complete documentation in accordance with the regulations and applicable European laws.


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