Construction and maintenance of HVAC systems and installations

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Intelligent HVAC system guarantees:

  • A healthy environment and microclimate indoor
  • Minimize maintenance costs and electricity bills
  • Uniform and constant temperature in all rooms
  • Eliminrane noise and air currents
  • Air purification and removal of harmful emissions , odors and carbon dioxide
  • Eco
  • Smooth and long service life


The air-conditioning has long been an integral part of the life of modern man. TGI Enterprise has a team of engineers, with which we build and serve as home air conditioning systems and in such large objects - office buildings, hotels, shopping, sports centers and others. Our competence includes the latest technology - VRV and VRF systems, mono- and multi-split air conditioning systems, high efficiency chillers with water and air cooling, cold and heaters for large buildings and areas. Our partners are proven brands in the production of air-conditioning systems - DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, FUJITSU GENERAL, MITSUBISHI HEAVY, MIDEA, FUJI ELECTRIC, TREO, TOYOTOMI, NEOCLIMA, GREE, NIPPON, HITACHI, KITANO, KOBE, CHIGO, STARWAY, CARRIER. ..


Ventilation is key to creating a healthy environment, both at home and in the office or public building. Our team prepares individual projects for each site in order to increase efficiency of the ventilation system. In addition to supplying ventilation equipment (air ducts, vents, automatic ventilation, etc.) And build a complete system, GI Enterprise provides warranty, post-warranty service and repair.


Heating systems, which GI Enterprise designs and builds are high-tech, fully tailored to customer needs, high quality, long life and easy maintenance. The added value that our customers receive are higher efficiency and lower heating costs. The experience and professionalism allow us to design, build and maintain installations, including:

  • Condensing boilers for oil and gas
  • Heat pumps and Iceboxes
  • Hybrid devices
  • Systems of  wood fuels (pellets, chips, chopped wood)
  • Thermal, solar systems and PV
  • Boilers, system equipment and accessories


Solar systems, no longer seen as an investment for the future and gaining ever wider as practical solutions not only for large buildings, but also for ordinary households. We at GI Enterprise believe that this is the most effective and innovative solution for producing electricity with minimum of costs. That's why for years successfully implement and maintain:

  • solar panels
  • photovoltaic
  • solar systems
  • controllers and others.


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