Facility management and management of buildings

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 The most exact definition of facility management, adopted by the Bulgarian Facility Management Association, which GI Enterprise is an active member, reads: "Integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of the organization's mission. "Or, facility management includes all operations outside the core business of a company. Besides technical provision of the buildings and the comfort and smooth working process, subject to facility management can be accounting, financial, marketing services, property management, transportation and catering service, cleaning and much more. That's why our team considered individually each company and after a thorough analysis of business processes provides a range of services tailor. Thanks to our long experience in the industry, flexibility and professionalism on a global level, we received the trust of some of the biggest companies in Bulgaria. Our partners and customers are the European Parliament, Benchmark Business Center Walltopia, the Institute of Aviation Cibank and OBB, Allianz Bulgaria, Landmark, chain restaurants "Happy", "Billa" Bulgaria and many others.





Widespread misconception is that while plants are new and under warranty they do not need maintenance.Conducting regular procedures such as inspection, cleaning and proper handling machines and installations ensure long life and trouble-free operation. Moreover - in the process of building installations due to shorter deadlines, limited budgets and more. subjective factors, many often allowed construction errors. Our goal is to find these deficiencies promptly and they can be removed by contractors during the warranty period without bear additional costs for the investor.

This way  we think that protect the best interests of our partners - investors and building owners. While performers installations seek to quell the problems and deficiencies within the warranty period, so they can later be removed for an additional fee, we as an independent and objective third party seek timely solution.





Company GI Enterprise has qualified specialists, know-how and tool availability, to serve and carry out repairs of any type of machinery and equipment when they are out of warranty and it would not affect the warranty provided by the supplier or installer. We offer a comprehensive and complete mix of technical solutions and services is not limited to the transfer of a plant or facility to the investor. To ensure long and trouble-free operation of installations created team exploitation of highly motivated professionals. The aim and purpose of our team is the aftermarket and service, not only the equipment but also the objectives installations - warranty and post warranty. The response time in case of some accidents sometimes essential. Usual response in an emergency in our industry is 3 working days, which sometimes could be a serious problem (especially for server or computer rooms). We have an opportunity to respond from receiving the emergency call to visit the site within a much shorter periods. Thus minimizing negative impacts and reduce costs.
We have the technical capabilities, know-how and joint operations in cooperation with our subcontractors and partners on these systems and technologies:


  • Electrical with reporting and internal distribution of consumption
  • Autonomous diesel-electric station (diesel generator)
  • UPS
  • Low-voltage systems - telephone,
  • Internet server rooms
  • Maintenance of office equipment and office equipment
  • Catering - water, coffee machines and others. 
  • HVAC installation - again with accounting and internal cost allocation plumbing - like above
  • Cleaning of sewerage systems and interceptor wells
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire  fighting
  • Security and access control
  • Sound
  • CCTV
  • Support building components - doors, windows, ceilings, floors, railings and more. like. 
  • Organization of the reception and help-desk
  • Processing of mail and courier services


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