Construction and maintenance of installations and CCTV systems

Security is a major factor for a quiet life and efficiency in business. With our systems you can monitor their sites at any time of day via laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


GI Enterprise Ltd. offers comprehensive design, construction and maintenance of all types of video surveillance systems, fully comply with the specifics of the site (banks, casinos, office buildings, warehouses, factories, schools, supermarkets, private homes and many others). We are partnering successfully with one of the largest and most established manufacturers of CCTV equipment - JVC, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, DTC, Silent Witness, AV Tech, HIKVISION and EverFocus.


Our projects are implemented in compliance with all rules and regulations and quality requirements.


[Сервиз на инструменти и климатична техника за ЕвроМастер Импорт Експорт ООД]

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[Поддръжка на ОВК инсталацията на р-т Хепи, Парадайс Мол, гр.София]

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[Термопомпа най-ефективната технология за отопление.]

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